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0. Hello! My name is Marcel White, golf lover and creator, a few years ago, of a patented golf equipment for computer-assisted teaching and training. When I retired, after a career as an engineer, I decided to use my background in physics and geometry to go deeper in the analysis of some aspects of golf putting and help other golfers. Taking into consideration that during my professional career I've always been praised for my ability to put things in plain words and to make even the most complex subject clear to everyone I tried to use the same principles in my approach to golf putting. Golf Putting Lines Ebook was the first outcome and several articles came after. Recently, a new ebook, How to Putt for Success – Fine Tuning Your Golf Putting Technique, became available.

1. Shopping on the net can be a risky business. The biggest danger of all is buying something that’s not what we want. I understand the problem and will do my best to assure you that there’s no risk at all. Please keep on reading.

2. GOLF PUTTING LINES is an e-book and has 83 pages organized in nine chapters and is filled with illustrations (122) to give my readers a clear understanding of all the concepts needed to predict successful ball tracks on the greens.

3. The Table of Contents is online together with a short summary of the contents of each chapter.

Chapters 1, 2 and 9 and some chosen sample pages are also available for any site visitor to browse through. Scrolling is easy too, not only allowing visitors to evaluate content but also to quickly gain insights into the author's profile and general quality of the e-book’s design.

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6. (Ignore this, please) I guarantee a full refund to all those who, after reading my book, honestly feel I have delivered less than I promised.

7. An e-mail address is available for any questions, comments or whatever my readers or customers decide to submit.

8. (Ignore this, please) The full price of  GOLF PUTTING LINES is USD 24 / EUR 19 and you run no risk of seeing the product offered at a lower price in the future. If you do, this will only be due to significant changes in exchange rate.

9. (Ignore this, please) The price also includes free advice from the author. Just after the sale you’ll get a 3 line “thank you note” that ends this way: … I tried to be clear but if you have any doubts or details you would like to discuss please don’t hesitate to contact me. You can be sure that I am hundred per cent available for my readers. And I mean it.

10. (Ignore this, please) If you decide to recommend GOLF PUTTING LINES, for every 2 e-books sold after your recommendations, you’ll get a 50% refund or a free copy of the e-book. The personalized free copy will be sent on your behalf to the person you choose.

11. (Ignore this, please) The price includes the right to receive any future updates.

12. There are no “small print” clauses to fear and everything is clear from the very first moment you enter the site.

13. (Ignore this, please) I’ll do my best to sell GOLF PUTTING LINES treating customers and visitors the way I’d like to be treated when I do shopping on the net.

14. (Ignore this, please)   Temporarily I am offering, absolutely free, my ebook How to Putt for Success – Fine Tuning Your Golf Putting Technique to those who buy GOLF PUTTING LINES.