Frequently Asked Questions (about the author and the ebook)


1. Is the author a golf legend, a golf champion or a golf professional? No, he is a common golf player and a genuine golf lover.

2. Can I trust someone who isn’t a golf professional? It depends. If the subject is golf technique perhaps you can get better advice from a good golf pro who follows the conventional wisdom. But if he is talking about subjects that the vast majority of golf professionals don’t even mention and those subjects are crucial to master the most important chapter in golf – putting – you’d better listen to him.

3. Where did he get the background needed to write about golf  putting? From observation, study, practice and experiments. And he also used the background in physics and geometry he got as an engineer. Golf Putting Lines Ebook is about the lines of breaking putts, a subject he believes no one before treated seriously. The result is a useful tool for all golfers who care about their putting performances.

4. Physics, to me, is a scary word pointing to an obscure world. How can I dare to understand GOLF PUTTING LINES? The author was obsessed with the idea of making it simple and useful for everybody. If you want you can skip the chapter that has the basic concepts (physics) and even then get the whole message. The idea was to help golfers and not to show off.

5. If I try the solutions prescribed in GOLF PUTTING LINES and I don’t succeed, do I risk ending up worse than I am now? Absolutely not! Your putting technique and the way you deal with distance won’t change but you’ll acquire a clear understanding of the shape of the trajectory the ball follows on its way to the hole. If, in the end, you decide it’s too much light you can always return to the dark and “putt blindfolded”.  

6. (Ignore this, please) What if I buy GOLF PUTTING LINES and in the end I discover it is not what I was expecting? Do I lose my money?  A lot of information about the book’s content is available on-line: table of contents, summary of each chapter, whole chapters 1, 2 and 9 and six sample pages. But if, after reading GOLF PUTTING LINES, you honestly feel the author delivered less than he promised you just e-mail him saying that and you’ll get a total refund.

7. (Ignore this, please) I am interested in buying GOLF PUTTING LINES but afraid of paying the full price now and later on finding out that it is being offered at a discount price. Is this a real possibility? No, it's not! The only promotion is the one available now: for every 2 e-books sold after your recommendations (if this is the case), you'll receive a 50% refund or a free copy to offer to someone of your choice.