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> What would you need to reduce your hcp by 1 stroke? Well, I can't speak for you but I believe that whatever your golfing problems are, unless you already excel on the green, working the putting game would be the easiest solution.

> Even if your hcp is high you can develop a decent golf putting technique and cut several strokes to your average score. With some feel on top of the putting technique you’ll be equipped to try any straight putt with fair chances of success.

> Don’t worry with the golf putting technique because it’s simple. Just follow a few basic principles I’ll provide if you need them. Yes, I’m offering at no cost my ebook How to Putt for Success – Fine Tuning Your Golf Putting Technique!

> To be successful putting on sloping greens, besides putting technique you also need some specific knowledge to understand how a golf ball curves when moving on a sloping green. It is the focus of this site and of my book Golf Putting Lines. With it you will slash several strokes from your scores.

> Breaking putts are the rule, not the exception. If there were no other reasons, the need to drain the water from the greens would explain everything. Yes, golf course architects always build greens with some slope.

> If you really want to improve your golf putting on the slope you need something more than just guessing if the next putt breaks a little to the right or to the left. My system helps golfers to get a fair idea of the shape of that putt and this is what you need to know where the aim point is for the putt you are about to make.

> Here is what Golf Putting Lines Ebook can do for you and how you’ll get lower scores:


I used to sell my main ebook here but now I am giving it away.

a) Reveals how to discover the shape of the ball-track on sloping greens, the first step to decrease the number of putts per round of golf.

b) Lets you feel confident when you face a breaking putt because you know the way the golf ball will behave after your stroke.

c) Enables you to discover how much your next putt will break.

d) Introduces you to concepts like "aim point", "break point", "launching line" and "tangent at start", all of them very important to dramatically reducing the number of putts you need to hole the ball.

e) Explains how to deal with double breaks.

f) Makes you aware of the secrets of a moving golf ball on the green, giving you an edge over the other golfers.

g) Suggests some drills to practice all the concepts you were introduced to and fine-tune your putting skills.


> This and much more is what you will get after reading Golf Putting Lines and following my guidelines. As a result, your average number of putts per round will decrease noticeably. Plus, after some time and practice, breaking putts will become something you don't fear and those inside 3 yards will become a "piece of cake" most of times.

> I made it really simple, used plain language, showed examples from our day lives and described experiments as simple as throwing an object from a window or watering a flower bed in your backyard. And last but not least, I used 122 figures (in an 83 page ebook!) to clearly show the true meaning of every concept, every rule, every example. 

> Finally, Golf Putting Lines Ebook will cost you nothing. It’s surprising but it’s true.

Enough is enough! That's what I said to Google and PayPal. See why!

>  And . . . for a superb finish, if you decide to recommend Golf Putting Lines, for every 2 e-books downloaded after your recommendations, you'll get a free copy of the e-book that will be sent on your behalf to the person you choose.

> Stop putting "blindfolded", giving an unfair advantage to your opponents who have the appropriate background. Reach your full golfing potential!

> Try it out, please, gain confidence, get measurable results, surprise your buddies  and remember that one putt less is important no matter if you play for a million dollars, for a beer or just for the pleasure of doing things the best you can.


Download Golf Putting Lines Ebook now and get also free a copy of How to Putt for Success – Fine Tuning Your Golf Putting Technique!   


 If you are interested, here you have the explanation. 


 Yes! I used to sell my ebooks here. The price was $24, or €19, for Golf Putting Lines and it was selling fairly well for an ebook targeting a niche market. Fine Tuning Your Golf Putting Technique was being offered as a promotion. I created the site in 2008 and always followed Google rules in order to improve my page rank and get traffic and the results weren’t disappointing.

Suddenly things became very different with Google changing game rules all the time, saying it had to be done in order to put the bad guys out of business, improve sites quality and provide a better experience for search engine users. It was partly true but most site owners know that forcing them to buy paid advertising was perhaps more important. I didn’t follow suit and my traffic decreased a lot.

Finally, PayPal, my service provider for payment processing, announced that rules were going to change in order to improve safety. It meant some investment and significant raise in my fixed costs. Of course client’s financial safety is very important but on my site, since the very beginning, I wrote “I won’t have any dealings with your credit card number and transaction will be purely between you and PayPal”. If I was just sending clients to PayPal without asking questions or collecting data, why should I have to increase the safety level of my site that had been certified before I went online?

That’s when I considered closing my site. It had never been seen as business but mostly as a hobby and I really don’t need it. But … as I said to my programmer when we were discussing the issue, “I have the site and the ebook is ready to be delivered almost at no cost. If I can help people with my ebook why shouldn’t I do it?”

And that’s it! I kept my site almost as it was and just changed the message to let visitors know that I am not selling any more. Now I am giving the 2 ebooks away and encourage all to spread the word.

Marcel White